Kendrys morales out for the season

I’m not sure what fans’ reactions are to this yet, but I for one am glad they aren’t forcing the issue.  If he’s not ready, he’s not ready.  I’ve seen far too often guys being put back on the field when they haven’t fully healed and it makes their careers become tragically short.  Getting Kendrys back at full strength next year will be awesome.

And the good news is, Mark Trumbo is stepping up nicely.  And we’re winning.  Bobby Abreu is likely on his last year as an Angel, so that frees up the DH spot, and the much awaited Trumbo-Morales dual hack attack.


It’s good to see former-Angel Casey Kotchman doing so well for the Rays this year.  They badly needed a firstbaseman and he seems to be filling in nicely.  I’m still a bit disappointed that Vladdy didn’t go there too (he looks so weird in orange) but that’s okay.

The Angels are on a roll.  Peter Bourjos continues to be entertaining.  Gotta love his dive-kick, knocking the ball out of Youklis’ glove and going all the way to third on a ball that barely left the infield.  And getting credit for a double out of that.  I love it.  First place Angels, and if they can win some more against the Indians, they’ll be best in the AL.
The days are ticking down for when the Angels come to Seattle-land, and I can finally go see them.  The Padres are coming to town too during interleague, but I haven’t quite talked my mom into that one yet.  Will Venable had an awesome game last night.  The Pads are picking it up (I hope).  The pitching has been there, but the hitters aren’t living up to their potential yet.  You have to think that will turn around at one point.
Sharks missed a sweep (yeah, I have to mention hockey while they’re still in it), thanks to what I’d call homefield advantage to the extreme.  They almost came back and won it anyway.  Could be the Sharks year, but the Bolts and Bruins have been extremely impressive as well.  And there’s always those pesky Canucks.

That’s more like it

After an exciting, nail-biting win in overtime for the Sharks (advancing them to the next round, yes!), I caught the tail end of the Padres game in extra innings.  Chris Denorfia.  Holy monkeys, what a play.  And then next inning… Ryan Ludwick, walk-off homer!  I’m starting to feel bipolar, with the contrast of watching my two teams get swept to the Sharks’ sweet win and the Padres pulling out the moves when it counted.

Did I mention Jered Weaver is now 6-0?  I didn’t watch that one through, but I checked out the highlights.  The annoying thing is, Angels games are blacked out for me and when the Padres are playing at home, it’s really really hard not to glance at that massive scoreboard on the rightfield fence.  It just never fails, I see the score, and then it’s like what’s the point in watching the archived game.
Anyway, I was in such a celebratory mood that I had to pull out the ol’ Siamese Dream CD.  Embarrassing headbanging and bouncing ensued, and I’m sure my neighbours aren’t happy.  Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrkkkss!!


I flipped on the Nats/Pirates game for a moment just because Danny Espinosa was coming up to bat soon, and none other than Brandon Wood was at the plate in a Pirates uniform.  I for one am glad another team claimed him.  It’s not that I don’t want him to succeed, I just don’t want him on the Angels anymore.  He had more than enough chances.

I’m going to put off baseball a bit tonight, and go hockey.  Gotta watch my Sharks [hopefully] take the series tonight.

Double sweep – ouch!

That was poor scheduling timing, I’d say!  Both the Angels and Padres playing 4-game series against teams they are historically bad against.  A total of 8 losses later, and I’m ready to move on.

The bright news is, my mom said we’d go see an extra game this year.  She’s a lifelong Cubs fan, but enjoys watching the Angels from time to time.  Of course, last year’s team put her off a bit (who wouldn’t? it had me cringing), but she’s enjoyed a lot the games we’ve watched together (including that 15-4 blowout at Texas).  So we’ll be going to two games–one in June, one in August–when they come up to Seattle.  I’ll don my Bourjos gear and get ready for a grand old time.

First-place Angels: I like the sound of that!

Oh wow, where to start.  How about my favourite Angel making an amaaaazing grab off the centerfield wall!  Or my second fav leading the American league in batting average.

The Angels have taken the series from the Rangers, Jered Weaver takes another step towards Cy Young greatness with a 1-run shutout, Vernon Wells gets his first home run of the season and has been hitting well in general lately (so stop booing, hometown fans), and Callaspo continues to prove there was really no need for Beltre afterall.  Oh and don’t forget that Howie Kendrick is tied for first in AL home runs, and a dandy little squeeze was pulled off.
The Angels are playing exciting ball right now.

Angels’ new core: fracking awesome

BourjosCongerTrumbo.  Get used to these names, because they are the Angels’ new core and they are here to stay.  And guess what, another newish big name hasn’t even played yet this season.  So add in Kendrys Morales, and you have yourself a force to be reckoned with.  On the pitching end, Tyler Chatwood and Jordan Walden are making big splashes too.

I remember during the offseason having a conversation with my mom.  She only loosely follows the Angels and she asked me what happened and if they were sliding off the radar.  I answered that it was at the awkward stage last season where a transition was taking place, and the young core wasn’t quite ready, so we were stuck with a few aging band-aids.  But look for these exciting youngsters to step up soon and bring us into another winning legacy.
Maybe it’s too early to call (okay, it is), but I’m getting that 2002 Angels feel.  We have Trumbo cranking it Troy Glaus-style, we have fearless youngsters making their mark, and everyone is solid at their positions.  It’s time for another World Series, man!